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Advanced features for TAS

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The most advanced suite of features and reporting tools for TASBooks

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Real-time developer access to the TASBooks database

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Front-office integration with TASBooks for ultimate convenience

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Advanced sales order processing

Distribution & logistics management

EDI trading


MultiTAS Plus

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Multi-currency billing

Foreign transactions

Full price list integration

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Manage multiple stock locations

+ Branches

+ Distribution centres

+ Goods in transit

+ Warehouses

Intra-warehouse transfers

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Custom reports

Advanced filtering by

+ Customer

+ Product

+ Location

+ Shipping date

+ Order history

Inventory valuations

In-built Crystal Reports

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An SDK for total integration

Read & Write access to the TAS database

Direct access to key ledger functions

Customisation & volume licensing

Your portal to the TAS world of opportunity

Infoplex builds world-class add-ons and extensions for the TAS suite of applications. Our programs automate workflows, expand the functionality of TAS software, and integrate seamlessly with third-party applications and systems. Our software helps the TAS user community to generate growth and revenue and to reduce user-time.

We are an Approved Partner of TAS™ and Sage

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For Business & Users

The most advanced suite of add-ons and extensions available for TASBooks. MultiTAS Business Manager offers greater functionality, import/export management, customised reporting, and streamlines front-office integration.

MultiTAS Business Manager can batch process customer and supplier records, manage and report on stock at multiple locations, and integrate with e-commerce gateways to import and process sales orders.

For Developers

TASLink SDK provides real-time bi-directional access to the TAS database via a COM-object interface. Developers can link third-party applications and software to TASBooks seamlessly.

Using cutting-edge technology, TASLink SDK can manage the flow of data between the TASBooks ledger and order framework and third-party software. End-user access to live data is provided via TASflex.


The HSBC EDI module allows users to generate, manage, reconcile and settle invoices electronically from within their own software environment


WinConnect Server allows smaller businesses to host desktop sessions for their remote users via the internet.

Slide backgroundFrom desktop to branch...Automated codingDirect bankingDetailed reportingPush technologyIntroducingMultiTAS BankstreamClick for more information
Slide backgroundFrom desktop to branch...Automated codingDirect bankingDetailed reportingPush technologyIntroducingMultiTAS BankstreamClick for more information

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There is nothing worse than having to patch or update your software because of a loophole or a threat.

Every so often though we do have to release patches and updates to our software and this is where you should find them.

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We offer support bundles that can be tailored to your needs (though we hope you never need to use them!)

You can decide which level of assistance and support is best suited to your business, your bottom line and to your customers.

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